Go Barefoot

A Country. United. Barefoot, we stand!

One day, two feet, thousands of smiles and a country united behind the goal of giving Hope, Pride and Dignity to its future. 17 June 2015 all South Africans will go to work barefoot to highlight the plight of millions of underprivileged children who live every day without shoes.

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Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things. It doesn’t matter where you work or the city you live in, National Barefoot Day is about coming together as a country with a common goal – to put shoes on the feet of those who need them most.

In 11 months the Put Foot Foundation has raised more than R1.5 million and changed the lives of over 5000 young, underprivileged children with a pair of brand new school shoes. Click below to join the movement and gift a pair of new shoes!


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